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Our Product & Development department has been established to consistently improving our products in terms of quality and fulfill our ever increasing customer requirement. We have our CNC machine unit to do our product testing performance evaluation. We conduct our regular product testing evaluation on these aspects:

1) Product Development on new innovation products to cater ever changing market needs.
2) Improvisation of manufacturing process.
3) Increasing the production capacity & productivity.
4) Enhancing the designs and functional stability of our tools.
5) Training of marketing staff in machining & products knowledge.
6) Training of production staff in latest machining technique and processes.

Our Product & Development assists us to continuously innovate our products & processes which further help us in providing customer with a better range of products.

Highly trained Product & Development staff work continuously in the area of cutting tool material substrate development, coating material technology and new tool unique geometry. Product & Development also conduct comprehensive testing of newly designed tools prior to marketing.

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