We at Pricisetech strive to be a Total Tool Solutions Provider company. Our Total Tool Solutions Provider company concept is to assist the customer in the aspect of reviewing the operation, current tooling and working environment and assist the project personnel with process optimization.

To provide the most efficient and effective cutting tool for each customer's unique application we work closely with our customers as engineering partners, looking at applications and specifications through their eyes as well as our own. In fact, many customers have come to consider us an extension of their own engineering departments, relying on our technical support for everything from cutting tool development to production line performance. Our cutting tool engineering team hopes and strives for cooperative working relationships that create one team working to accomplish the same goal.

Our Technical Support personnel assist customers and engineering groups with expert selection and application recommendations for a variety of tooling technology. The department also provides personnel with comprehensive advice regarding the choice and the proper use of carbide grades and tooling, as well as rapid solutions for process optimization

The department provides application engineering assistance in three main areas:
1. Selection and Application of standard product
2. Machine application operation.
3. Instruction and optimization data.

Our Customers Technical Support team can help you optimise your tool usage, look for ways to increase your productivity and reduce your costs.
We are striving to be a Total Solution Provider for our customers.

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